What are the advantages of attending art classes?

What are the advantages of attending art classes?

The rewards that learning art can bring to adults

If we are an aspiring artist or art student attending art classes may be one way for us to ensure we get off to a sound start. Building a firm footing for our future profession, by attending formal painting or drawing classes makes great sense. However, learning art is not just good for future artists. Research has shown that spending time at art classes for kids in Singapore can bring immeasurable benefits to the minds of adults too!

While in and of itself this finding may not mean much, the detailed analysis of the researchers is what conclusively proves that enrolling adults in adults art classes at any age may be the best gift that any adult can get.

It turns out those adults who have significant exposure to the arts, such as that offered by attending painting classes, music and drawing lessons,   perform remarkably better than their peers in subjects like reading and mathematics. More significantly too was the finding that art classes had a comparatively higher positive impact on adults from less-affluent backgrounds than it did on adults from higher-income families.

Undoubtedly then, adults attending art classes, therefore, have a much brighter future ahead of them than their fellow-students who are not being exposed to the arts at a tender age.

Grounded in science

The authors of the study found that engagement in drawing classes or other forms of artistic learning provides adults a learning experience like no others:

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